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At Kaientapes, we assure the highest quality possible using Maxell Silver grade tapes or higher. All tapes are recorded at SP speed when possible (up to 2 hours and 40 minutes), while tapes of greater length are recorded at EP speed using my JVC VCR dubbing system with 19 micron head technology for the best EP picture quality available. All tapes are excellent quality and any drops in quality will be indicated in individual listings. We appreciate your business and hope to bring you the best that wrestling has to offer.

Ordering: ***Please send all orders and requests to before sending payment for approval, totals and payment instructions.

Contact and Questions:

Prices: $11 per tape (up to 4 tapes). $50 for 5 tapes ($10 each addtional tape beyond 5 tapes). $100 for 12 tapes ($8 each additional tape beyond 12 tapes).

Shipping: $4.00 Priority Mail on 1 or 2 tapes. $5.00 Priority Mail on 3 to 5 tapes. Other rates (for larger orders or insured shipping) available upon request. All orders are shipped within 2 business days of receipt of payment.

Payment: We currently accept money orders only.

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