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KAI-EN-TARY #16 (10/3/02):

This update is mostly about new content on the site, as I'm hoping the new section I've launched will help to keep the page updated in a more timely manner in between Kaientary columns. First off, I've added a Kaienviews section which will feature my list of top 10 recently viewed match that should be updated often. Once a match is shifted off the list it will go inito the Kaienviews Singles Special Match section (which will also be updated with random match reviews as often as I can). The other section on the page is the Full Show Kaienvews which will feature sometimes match by match reviews from shows, sometimes just the best a show has to offer and maybe just some general thoughts about a show (again, I hope to be able to grow both these sections as they are currently in their infancy). I'm also very proud to have added a new feature to the main page which is my thoughts and photos of the recent 9.28.02 IWC show.

I'll throw on just a few random notes I ran across this morning in terms of wrestling news, the New Japan 10/26 PPV card was released and looks to be coming together nicely with the opening two maches of particular interest - The first Jr. Triathlon Survivor match w/ Jushin Thunder Liger, Heat & Tiger Mask 4 vs. American Dragon, Rocky Romero & Ricky Reyes (which may give us American Dragon vs. Liger or American Dragon vs. Tiger Mask IV for the singles portion - I need to offer a large congrats to the west coast three for their entrance into New Japan as well), and the second match on the show will have Koji Kanemoto vs. Bas Rutten. The 10/27 show looks solid as well with the second Jr. Triathlon Survivor match and the potential greatness of Liger vs. Nishimura (which no doubt should have more time to work here than in their last meeting) featured in the line-up. I hope to be back with a full column in the not too distant future, thanks for your patience with me in terms of updating the site and let me know your thoughts on the new section/feature...